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Herpes Zoster

From China only for the health of the world external treatment of Chinese medicine: five combined extoxification pain relief therapy

What is zoster herpes zoster hind remains a nerve

Herpes zoster is an acute infectious skin disease caused by varicella zoster virus. The patient will have a lightning pain, tingling, cutting pain, burning pain, burning pain, packing friction pain, convulsive pain, pain, tearing pain, insect bite pain, ant line pain, tenderness, afraid of the cold pain, fear of hot pain, pain, tear dreary exercise pain, pain, swelling, arch, myself pain, le aching pain, pain, itching, pain, itchy, pr, micro, numbness, bilge, convulsions, etc., in patients with at least one kind of symptoms, more of 11 kinds of pain.

Other symptoms of postherpetic neuralgia

A small number of patients appear flatulence, poor appetite, depression, anxiety, tears, dry eyes, palpitations, fatigue, etc. Some patients rain cloudy day aggravation, friction through let a lot of patients dare not touch clothes, sleep dare not touch the quilt, a touch clothes or quilt itch or fire burning pain, lightning pain.


The five combination of removing poison and removing pain therapy, which is treated with traditional Chinese medicine, is used to remove symptoms in 1-8 times for most patients, and more than 10 times for a few patients. In severe cases, additional times will also improve or remove symptoms. (bandable site only) current capped treatment to allow more long-term unhealed patients to relieve the pain as soon as possible. Herpes zoster treatment in the majority of patients will remove symptoms 1-3 times, a small number of patients will remove symptoms 3-8 times. Treatment times must be in the case of strict compliance with the contraindications, which would extend the treatment times.
Operation method : 
With imaging scans first positioning device, using a special marker circle area where your body (a variety of pain, itching, foreign body sensation, temperature anomaly area), and then the inside of the buckle with special dermal needle stab suck out black shingles toxins (or other siltation poison, etc.), with liquid and powder, finally wipe on liquid and powder bandaged up.
Treatment : 
Herpes zoster, postherpetic neuralgia, no rash type postherpetic neuralgia, undiagnosed skin neuralgia or foreign body sensation or abnormal temperature sensitivity, trigeminal neuralgia, gout, leg cramps, etc.
Notes : 
Pain or foreign body sensation symptoms in the eyes, intracranial, intestinal, larynx and other patients in vivo, or have recent liver and kidney lung transplantation, hematopoietic dysfunction, heart failure, liver cirrhosis late and other serious physical discomfort, the use of this therapy is not recommended
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From China only for the health of the world external treatment of Chinese medicine: five combined extoxification pain relief therapy

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