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From China to the world more healthy Chinese medicine external treatment: TCM STEAMING

What is a TCM STEAMING? Fumigation and baking bubble dissolve adhesive with treatment of different diseases

TCM STEAMING is one of external therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, the transfer formula combined with modern technology purification equipment, to improve the speed and the curative effect. Secret recipe of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in patients with high temperature fumigation in the tank, open pores and dampness in the body of toxins garbage discharge part first, accelerate the metabolism of the body, with a high temperature and traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture points to medicine through the sweat pores to infiltrate lesions, high-temperature Chinese medicine penetrate the muscle layer to resolve open musculoaponeurotic nodules and fascia tissue adhesion or vascular nervous system on calcifications, need not absorbed through the digestive tract, also need not through the blood circulation service, large dose of high temperature and effective traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), persistent forced deep penetrate into lesions, eliminating the digestion, absorption and the circulation link, neither insides, and improves the speed and the curative effect, no trauma, Without suffering, not on the digestive organs, nervous system and urinary organ pipe organ for two or more damage, can quickly remove swelling synechia, effusion of the lesion site waste toxins, promote the body's meridian flow and blood running barrier-free, TCM STEAMING is overall joint, providing multiple channels organs will quickly improve symptoms or remove a variety of complications, wake up the body's self-healing power, prompting of the lesion site normal cells regeneration, quickly in order to achieve the purpose of the treatment.

—— Traditional Chinese medicine outside cure - break traditional fixed mode of thinking ——
To adapt to the conditions :

It is mainly used for cervical spondylotic diseases (shoulder and neck pain, dizziness and tinnitus, insomnia and dreaminess, headache and nausea, numbness in arms and fingers, finger cramps, dry eyes, stomach distension and reflux acid, short chest, arrhythmia, hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, breast hyperplasia, etc.); Lumbar spondylosis (lumbar disc bulging, herniation, prolapse, sciatic nerve pain, intervertebral stenosis, bone hyperplasia, lumbar muscle strain, postoperative dull pain); Knee inflammation (degenerative disease, fluid swelling, bone spurs, osteoarthritis, meniscus injury); Ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatic pain, nameless swelling, tenosynovitis, tennis elbow, tennis leg, post-fracture pain and effusion, back, sprain, fall injury and other diseases, the femoral head necrosis, ankylosing spondylitis and other severe patients also have improved or eliminate symptoms of some cases.

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From China to the world more healthy Chinese medicine external treatment: TCM STEAMING

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