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From China to the world more healthy Chinese medicine external treatment: immovable poison remove pain therapy TCM STEAMING

Founded in 2013, Tiandao traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Clinic is a modern TCM Clinic that focuses on medical treatment, maintenance and scientific research. Various aspects to carry out the scientific outlook on development, people-oriented, with the practice of medical ethics first philosophy, adhere to the development strategy of patients first, implement integration of traditional Chinese medicine external treatment, sweet and medical services, efforts to build run of diagnosis and treatment of TCM modernization, standardization of scientific management, standardization, service mode, humanistic standard of modern Chinese medicine clinic.
In the past six years, he has been working hard to cure patients from home and abroad and won the favor of patients with love and medical skills.
A inadvertently found innovative therapy, in the absence of tall on academic theoretical system support, no inheritance of ancient theory system to do the backing, no overseas clinical experience for reference, just by passing on the formula of modified repeatedly, combined with modern medical auxiliary equipment, by six years a large number of clinical medical record, won the hand of the clinical experience, builds a database of scabby etc as medical records, found with steam Tong therapy to dredge the channels and collaterals of one way, also can use eyes to see or touch with the hand, in the whole process of diagnosis and treatment of the metabolism of waste through the sweat pores, also established a set of theory system, external treatment of Chinese traditional medicine Through steam found Tong therapy in clinical diagnosis and treatment process, can dissolve the adhesion waste toxins out of the body in pain in the callus formation, can overall improve or eliminate body a variety of minor improvement of symptoms for many years, and more determined the ancient theory of channels and collaterals and the overall treatment of traditional Chinese medicine scientific nature, has been proved in clinical experience. It also lays a foundation for the whole program and theoretical system in the future, and exports the TCM treatment technology + theory to the world, so that more patients at home and abroad can see the new hope when there is no way to seek medical treatment. This is also the highlight of the tiandao TCM Logo (trademark), so that more people can see the fire of health and longevity.
Through the clinical diagnosis and treatment of patients at home and abroad, we also know that there is a long way to go on the road of practicing medicine, casting the essence of TCM with the spirit of craftsman, and serving the people with conscience. Medical treatment also needs constant upgrading, improvement, breakthrough and innovation. Through modern equipment and technology, the scientific medical system of traditional Chinese medicine can be improved in many ways to benefit more patients. Through inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, more effective and comfortable medical treatment and a healthier future can be brought.


From China to the world more healthy Chinese medicine external treatment: immovable poison remove pain therapy TCM STEAMING

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