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Female autumn health care in huangdi neijing
Release time : 2020-01-13 16:14The publisher : Tiandao TCM
Autumn is the season when everything is mature and harvested. The weather turns from hot to cool, the climate is dry and windy, and the weather changes without rules. Therefore, autumn is the frequent season for various diseases. In autumn
Autumn is the season when everything is mature and harvested. The weather turns from hot to cool, the climate is dry and windy, and the weather changes without rules. Therefore, autumn is the frequent season for various diseases. In autumn we should pay special attention to strengthen the body's immunity, strengthen the human body regulation function. Today, might as well come to see a few key points of autumn woman keeping in good health.
Prevent "dryness" in autumn
Autumn is by hot turn cool, Yang xiaoyin long transition stage.
"Huangdi neijing" says: "raise Yin in autumn and winter", show namely in autumn and winter two seasons ought to adopt Yin qi, in order to adapt to the law that Yin qi grows gradually in nature, and make good foundation for the growth of Yang qi next year.
"Dryness" is the main gas of autumn, so it is called "autumn dryness". The dryness irritates people, mainly to wear body fluid, body fluid consumption, will see a group of "dryness". The zang-fu that autumn corresponds to is "lung", when autumn dryness makes lung, appear easily "all acerbity dry dry, go all out cold cold" wait for dryness evil disease symptom. Therefore, autumn health, when to "prevent dryness, protect Yin jin" - based.
1. Prevent dryness
In autumn, the daily amount of drinking water is generally about 2000ML. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks: "shape cold drink cold hurt lung". Therefore, autumn drinking water to warm for the better, avoid cold cold drinks. In addition, don't talk loudly for a long time in autumn, less talk is to protect the lung gas, every day keep talking will hurt gas, one of the most vulnerable is lung gas.
A lot of fresh fruits and vegetables on the market in autumn are rich in a variety of nutrients needed by the human body, which not only has the effect of nourishing Yin and nourishing lungs, moistening dryness and producing fluid, but also can treat lung-related diseases, is the best food for health care in autumn.
Early autumn season, many places are still hot and humid hand in steam, as a result of spleen and stomach empty, gastrointestinal tract digestive fluid shortage, into the autumn after the inevitable occurrence of "dryness disease". Appear "dryness disease", can eat congee food more, have profit to the body very much, the japonica rice that serves as medicated food important component or glutinous rice, have very good build spleen stomach, fill the function of gas. And traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to "cultivate the earth to produce gold", spleen and stomach well-regulated, lung will benefit.
2. Have less sex
Autumn to pay attention to the protection of dirty gas Yin jing, which also includes kidney jing. Accordingly, autumn keeps in good health, cannot indulge in sex especially, the life should have law, have a section to have degree.
3, skin care heavy moisturizing
"Autumn is dry" when, wind sand is more, the good method that keeps the skin wet is after clean face of morning rise or late go to bed namely, do not be anxious to wipe dry water mark, should pat face to make moisture permeate adequately after, undertake again protect wet nurse.
4. Freeze properly
"Autumn freeze" means that after the arrival of autumn, when the temperature drops slightly, do not immediately add clothes cotton, but to freeze appropriately. Through strengthening physical exercise, the body's resistance function can be improved, so as to stimulate the body's ability to adapt to the cold, is conducive to avoid the occurrence of many diseases, especially respiratory diseases.
Different age can choose different exercise project, but no matter what kind of activity, unfavorable overdose, in all over the body slight heat, have not perspire or perspire slightly when line stops namely, do not make sweat dripping wet, in order to maintain Yin jing inside collect, do not make Yang qi outside expend.
5. Avoid sadness
The autumn spirit nurturance, should achieve the inner peace, the consciousness is calm, the mood is comfortable, avoids the sad sad feeling and so on the mood, in order to adapt the autumn to tolerate the air.
Living, should maintain "early to bed and early to rise, with the chicken all xing". Because early lying can comply with the convergence of Yang qi, early rising is conducive to the expansion of lung qi, and prevent the convergence of too much.
6, do not mess "repair" food treatment
According to the principle of "nourishing Yang in spring and summer, nourishing Yin in autumn and winter" in traditional Chinese medicine, the autumn should be properly replenished to nourish Yin qi. But although the important, but not in disorder. Generally, there are five bogeys in autumn:
One avoid without disease tonic: traditional Chinese medicine believes: "sick to receive, no patient to receive". Disease-free supplements increase costs and harm health. For example, long-term use of glucose without disease may cause obesity; No disease overdose cod liver oil, can lead to increased blood cholesterol, easy to cause cardiovascular disease and even poisoning.
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