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Specializes in the treatment of various types of cervical spondylosis, conservative treatment of radiculopathy, spinal cord type, sympathetic nerve ty
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With the acceleration of electronics, the bowed head case seriously caused a large number of cervical spondylosis patients, cervical spondylosis has become a common bone and joint disease from young people to the elderly, the cause of cervi

With the acceleration of electronics, the bowed head case seriously caused a large number of cervical spondylosis patients, cervical spondylosis has become a common bone and joint disease from young people to the elderly, the cause of cervical spondylosis is caused by degenerative lesions of cervical intervertebral discs, not only cervical spine lesions, associated with the tendon ligaments of the cervical spine damaged, muscle rigidity and adhesion, resulting in compression of blood vessels and nerves, hindcerebral circulation disorders, and then cause intervertebral discs, bulging herniation, intervertebral disc bone hyperplasia,

cerebral insufficiency, arm and finger numbness, headache migraine, Dizziness, dizziness, dry eyes, floaters, tinnitus, back of the ears, brain ringing, memory loss, hair blindness, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, unstable blood pressure, rich bags, fear of wind and cold, inability to lean back neck, inability to turn neck, etc.
There are four aortic vessels and a large number of capillaries, nerves distributed around the vertebral body of the cervical spine, when the cervical spine lesion is protruding, bulging or protruding intervertebral discs or bone spurs will cause compression on nerves and blood vessels, thereby affecting the whole body from head to toe There are a variety of complications, in the clinic there is no lack of patients paralyzed by cervical spondylosis, fatal cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction are associated with cervical spondylosis according to the probability, so the disease must not relax vigilance.

The human body is a highly sensitive, sophisticated and complex polymer of constant temperature parts, which has an inseparable relationship with the external wind and humidity, fatigue, nutritional balance, work and rest habits, etc., and is also affected by personal constitution and other reasons, and the diseases appear differently.
Topical treatment of cervical and lumbar spine with TCM VAPOR  therapy

According to nearly ten years of clinical experience, 
TCM VAPOR therapy is to first fumigate the whole body through the high-temperature Chinese medicine fumigation cabin, effective Chinese medicine penetrates into the skin through sweat pores, so that garbage toxins are diluted and discharged to the outside of the skin through sweat pores, and then a large dose of effective Chinese medicine is applied externally to the posterior cervical spine and lumbar spine, under the catalytic action of high temperature, according to the timing of the course of treatment, continue to strongly penetrate into the posterior cervical spine lesions, so that the stasis blocked in the lesion site of the stasis of blood, cold wet phlegm, wet calcification and other bruised garbage to dissolve the city particles, through the sweat pores to discharge, to form a scab and fall off. Accelerate metabolism, let fresh blood bring nutrients and repair factors, act on the fascia, tendons and bones and other organs at the site of lesion injury, remove stasis of garbage toxins and congestion, etc., form benign and healthy natural therapies, activate normal cells, repair damaged tendons, ligaments muscles, intervertebral discs, etc., with the progress of treatment, the intervertebral disc is fixed by tendon ligaments, compressed blood vessels or nerves slowly recover, pain and other complications will be slowly improved or eliminated, to achieve the purpose of treatment.
Vapor therapy dissolves the scabs formed by the discharge of dirt and garbage

There are five main types of cervical spondylosis:

(1) Radiculopathy

      Clinically, it is mostly neck and shoulder pain, which is aggravated in the short term, and radiates to the upper limbs, and there may be paresthesias such as numbness and allergies in the later stage.

(2) Myelopathy

        Early neck pain is not obvious, and with weakness in the limbs, unstable walking as the first symptoms, feet like stepping on cotton, walking difficult, with the aggravation of the disease, bottom-up up motor neuron paralysis can occur.

(3) Sympathetic cervical spondylosis

     The pathogenesis of this type is not clear, clinically manifested as sympathetic nerve excitement and sympathetic depression two symptoms, sympathetic nerve excitement manifested as headache or migraine, dizziness, especially aggravated when the head turns, sometimes accompanied by nausea, vomiting; Symptoms such as blurred vision, decreased vision, dilated or narrowed pupils, rapid heartbeat, irregular heartbeat, etc. Sympathetic depression is mainly manifested as dizziness, dizziness, tearing, nasal congestion, bradycardia, decreased blood pressure and flatulence, migraine, palpitation, chest tightness, and cold limbs.

(4) Carotid cervical spondylosis

      Clinical manifestations are
a. Vertigo, which can be manifested as rotary, floating or shaky vertigo, can be aggravated or induced when the head is active.
b. Headache, mainly manifested as occipital and parietal pain, can also radiate to the occipital.
c. Cataplexy, mostly occurs when the head is suddenly rotated or flexed and extended, and can be normal after falling to the ground and then standing up.
d. There may also be varying degrees of motor and sensory impairment or psychiatric symptoms.
(5) Mixed cervical spondylosis
That is, the above two or more types of symptoms appear at the same time, but generally one type is the predominant.

Tiandao TCM CLINIC is a TCM specialist outpatient clinic in Qingdao with nearly ten years of clinical practice, with rich experience in the treatment of various cervical spondylosis, patients from all over the country, using innovative TCM external treatment – TCM VAPOR therapy, with remarkable results. It is a comprehensive treatment of systemic external treatment, mainly suitable for cervical spondylosis, low back and leg pain, frozen shoulder, headache, dizziness, dry eyes, floaters, tinnitus, rigidity, gynecology and other hundreds of diseases.

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