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Medical Discovery: Innovative therapy for chinese medicine exotherapy - bone joint disease and cardiovascular complications
Release time : 2020-04-16 16:10The publisher :TIANDAO TCM
Overview of the principles and treatment procedures of Qitongtherapy: Qitongtherapy is one of the improved and innovative methods of Chinese medicine exothemosis, the inheritance formula coupled with modern medical auxiliary equipment to

Overview of the principles and treatment procedures of "Qitong"therapy:
"Qitong"therapy is one of the improved and innovative methods of Chinese medicine exothemosis, the inheritance formula coupled with modern medical auxiliary equipment to warm purification, accelerate the process of treatment penetration to dissolve the adhesion meridian or lesions, the efficacy is greatly improved, is a variety of methods after the ineffective, re-treatment options of one of the conservative therapies, is one of the same treatment methods through auto-"Qitong"therapy to obtain the same treatment.
Neck and shoulder, lower back and leg pain  can be treated simultaneously with "Qitong"therapy, in the course of treatment there are many years of unhealed disease, may improve or eliminate symptoms at the same time.
Treatment reference classical theory:
"Huangdi Neijing" said, Pain because impassable, impassable can pain. 
Tiandao Chinese Medicine Clinical Theory:
Secret recipe Chinese medicine high temperature penetrates into the lesions, dissolves muscle bone garbage toxin; 
Through the sweat pores excreted to form a knot, eliminate adhesion swelling fluid, etc;
Restore the meridian flow, the overall recovery of natural health.
Patients fumigate the whole body in the high temperature chamber of traditional Chinese medicine, open pores, first the body cold and wet toxin waste excretion part, accelerate the body metabolism, and then use high temperature Chinese medicine acuity to give medicine through the sweat pores into the lesions, high temperature Chinese medicine penetration into the muscle layer to dissolve the open muscles, fascia conjunctive conjunctivation and related fascia tissue adhesion or the blood vessel nervous system attached to calcite, adhesion and other garbage toxins, do not use the digestive tract, do not Continuous forced through the deep penetration of sweat pores, direct to the lesions, completely eliminate digestion and absorption and blood circulation two links, neither hurt five dirty six, but also improve the speed and effect of treatment, no trauma, no pain, will not cause secondary or multiple damage to the digestive organs, urinary tubes and nervous system and other organs, can quickly improve or eliminate the swelling of the lesions, fluid and other junk toxins, promote the whole body's flow and barrier-free operation of the whole body.
"Qitong"therapy is the whole multi-meridian multi-dirty device joint treatment, a variety of complications will quickly improve or eliminate symptoms, activate the body's self-healing force, make full use of the body's self-healing system, promote the disease site of normal cells rapid regeneration, in order to achieve the purpose of treatment. 3-6 days will begin to remove the calcite attached to the meridian, blood vessels, fascia, bone seams, etc. on the garbage toxins, through the sweat pores drained to the skin to form a knot (refer to the figure below), 7-12 days will slowly fall off, Take another six days to allow sweat pores to repair, restore normal skin, and then continue the treatment of the next course of treatment, most patients will no longer form a large area of clots to exclude the outside of the body, unless serious or multi-year patients will have a slight clot in the fourth and fifth course of treatment, For example, lumbar vertebral tube stenosis, lumbar disc slip, strong straight spina bifida and so on.
            Scab excreted during treatment (neck, waist, knee, shoulder, abdomen, breast, etc.)
According to a large number of clinically treated cases, young patients will be in 1-2 courses to eliminate symptoms, serious illness or long illness through 2-5 courses of treatment, most of the bone and joint disease and cardiovascular disease will improve or eliminate symptoms. The auto-"Qitong"therapy is the whole treatment, and a variety of complications can be improved or eliminated. Especially after the fourth course of treatment, each treated patient's face will become red from the normal color of the previous asheen yellow. The auto-"Qitong"therapy will provide a new medical supplement to treat the disease, the cure of the disease, the cure of the disease, so that the patient has more choice of treatment.
Treatment applies:
Cervical vertebral disease, cervical vertebral physiological curvature straightening, bone hyperplasia, intervertebral disc puffing, protruding, intervertebral tube stenosis
(Cervical disc stenosis, protrusion, slip, vertebral instability, arthrocyllal sprains and strain changes, stenosis of the vertebral tube, etc. caused by shoulder and neck pain, dizziness and dizziness, head swelling, migraines, brain swelling, deafness, insomnia, headache nausea, headache nausea , insufficient cerebral blood supply, numbness in the arms and fingers, finger cramps, dry eye dysphoria, bloated acid, short chest tightness, arrhythmia, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, mammary hyperplasia , thyroid disease, pharyngitis, vision hearing loss, etc.) The symptoms in parentheses are clinical experience of improving or eliminating symptoms during the treatment of cervical vertebrae;
There are five main types of cervical vertebral disease: 
      (1) Neuroroot cervical vertebral disease
            Clinically began to be more of neck and shoulder pain, in the short term aggravated, and to the upper limb
            radiation, later can have numbness, allergies and other sensory abnormalities.
      (2) Spinal spinal disease
            Early neck pain is not obvious, but to the limbs weakness, walking instability as the first symptoms, the foot like
            stepping on cotton, walking difficulties, with the aggravation of the disease, can occur from the bottom up motor
            neuronparalysis paralysis.
      (3) Sympathetic neuro-type cervical vertebral disease
            The pathogenesis of this type is not clear, clinically manifested as sympathetic nerve excitement and sympathetic
            nerve suppression of two symptoms, sympathetic nerve excitement is characterized by headache or migraine,
            dizziness, especially when the head rotation, sometimes accompanied by nausea, vomiting; Sympathetic nerve
            suppression is mainly manifested in dizziness, dizziness, tears, nasal congestion, tasty, blood pressure drop and
            bloating, migraines, panic, chest tightness, limb cooling and so on.
       (4) Cervical artery-type cervical vertebral disease
             Clinical manifestations include:
             a, vertigo, can be manifested as rotational, floating or shaking vertigo, head movement can be aggravated or
             b, headache, mainly manifested as pillow, top pillow pain, can also be radiated to the pillow.
             c, collapse, more in the head suddenly rotated or flexed when the occurrence, fall to the ground and then
                 stand up can normal lying.
             d, can also have different degrees of movement and sensory disorders or mental symptoms.
       (5) Mixed cervical vertebral disease
             That is, the above two types or more types of symptoms appear at the same time, but generally based on one
Scapulohumeral periarthritis: shoulder inflammation,shoulder cuff injury,upper muscle tear, shoulder fluid, shoulder bone
spurs, neck and shoulder syndrome, shoulder dislocated reset  sequelae;
Lumbar vertebral disease: lumbar disc puffing out, protruding, disengaged, sciatic nerve pain, stenosis, bone
hyperplasia,lumbar muscle strain, postoperative stealth; After surgery, there are steel plate patients need to provide film
and report according to medical advice for treatment, if the operation to remove the steel plate
Knee arthritis: degenerative lesions, fluid swelling, bone spurs, osteoarthritis, half-moon plate injury, sliding membrane
inflammation, cystitis, sound, etc..Kee bone seams are not recommended for those who disappear;
Gynaecology: pain, moon disease, uterine chill infertility, attachment inflammation, menstrual incongruity, amenorrhea,
breast hyperplasia, breast cancer, etc.
Other osteopathy and disorders: rheumatism, rheumatism, nameless swelling, tendonitis, tennis elbows, tennis legs, pain fluid after fractures, gout (high uric acid), pillows, flash waist, stomp, heel bone spurs, fall injuries, post-car crash rehabilitation physiotherapy, appendicitis, old age spots, asthma, constipation, long-term gastroenteritis and other diseases
In patients with severe diseases such as severe sclerosis such as severe syllables such as severe syllables, etc., there have also been cases of improvement or elimination of symptoms.
According to a large number of clinical treatment experience, young and light patients can eliminate symptoms within 1-2 courses of treatment, moderate patients need 3-5 courses of treatment, very few serious multi-course seating can also improve or eliminate symptoms, for knee bone membrane wear half-moon plate disappearance no bone seam patients, with this therapy can only be improved, it is recommended to do artificial joint replacement surgery. As an effective complementary treatment for medical treatment, because the formula is reasonable, the treatment is in line with the human meridian cycle and cell repair cycle and its own rejection function, the "Qitong"therapy will bring hope to patients with bone joint and cardiovascular diseases and other complications.
Not suitable: there is a bad allergy to the cream, cervical lumbar vertebral surgery has steel nails, severe hypertension, heart failure, cirrhosis of the liver, abdominal water, liver and kidney transplantation and other physical conditions are not suitable for the treatment is not allowed.
Through more than 6 years of clinical treatment experience, by many patients, the disadvantage is that moderate and above patients treatment course slightly longer may be 4-5 courses of treatment for nearly two months time, but for long-term patients who have not recovered, can use conservative therapy to improve or eliminate symptoms, 1-2 months of treatment can improve or eliminate symptoms this time is a small matter.
Large medical equipment for "Qitong"therapy cannot be used at home, if work or for physical reasons can not be treated patients, including all over the country, foreign patients, can bring medicine and home simple equipment at home treatment, can achieve the same effect, if there is knee pain, at home treatment recovery effect may be better. We courier equipment and according to each patient's actual condition to prepare drugs to the designated address at home treatment can be. A person cannot operate and must be assisted.
If foreign patients can not come to j for medical treatment, please send medical records, medical examination videos and reports, or through a friend in Qingdao to consult. We receive your medical records or video voice comprehensive diagnosis, according to the patient's comprehensive medical treatment and equipment together courier, at home treatment.

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