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Medical advice

Notes on Registration and Archives of Patients with Real Name System

In order to protect the rights and interests of patients and maintain the normal medical order of the hospital, all patients and their families are requested to consciously abide by the regulations of establishing cards, registering and seeing a doctor in their real names.

一、For registration and archiving, please choose one of the following ways to provide basic patient information:

1)Show the original ID card of the patient himself (the second generation ID card is preferred)

2)Original valid identity certificate (household registration book/driver's license/old age certificate, etc.)

3)Qingdao Medical Insurance Card

二、The patient registers with his or her identity card or medical certificate. If necessary, he or she must present his or her valid identity card at the same time. No refund or renaming without the doctor's signature and consent.

三、Please take your ID card or medical certificate with you every time you visit a doctor, and keep it properly.

四、It is strictly forbidden to use other people's medical certificates for registration and consultation. Once the basic information of medical certificates is found to be inconsistent with the true identity of the patient, the hospital has the right to terminate the consultation. All adverse consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the patient and his family members themselves.

五、Beware of the illegal inversion of "number seller" by falsely using other people's identity cards and medical certificates.