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Treatments Postherpetic Neuralgia (PHN) in Chinese Medicine

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blood-letting puncture and cupping for treat PHN

Treated by traditional Chinese medicine treatment of herpes zoster and herpes zoster neuralgia, the current effect is good, every ten minutes, once a day, the use of professional formula medicine mixed drug dressing. According to a large number of clinical treatment experience, 5% of patients with 1-2 times to eliminate symptoms, more than 80% of patients 3-8 times to eliminate symptoms, more than 10% of patients in a dozen times to eliminate symptoms, very difficult to individual Add several times to eliminate the pain.
There have been moxibustion, acupuncture, small needle knife, and diabetes patients with concurrent treatment may be extended, these treatments have an impact on our treatment.
Herpes, scab, or intact patients can be treated for rash-free and rash-type (postherpetic neuralgia).

Causes of postherpetic neuralgia
According to our medical records from just got to a month or two of patients, to 20 years of age sick patients have. Incidence is a kind of can be from head to toe, all over the body of the disease, in the left or right part of the body to form a band attack, not covered the body. Etiology is the beginning of a long rash, and some even no rash, did not care about herpes zoster. Because there is no relevant medical knowledge, there is no take any or timely intervention measures, when the fire burning pain, lightning pain, string pain and other symptoms, often misdiagnosed as flash divergence, cholecystitis, angina, headache, low back pain, Dermatitis, scalding, etc., missed the golden treatment time; some use of improper earth remedies or unclean therapies, and ultimately caused sequelae.
Symptoms of postherpetic neuralgia
Herpes zoster neuralgia is a world medicine recognized refractory painful. The main manifestations of spontaneous pain and relieve pain, the patient will have lightning pain, jumping pain, tingling, knife pain, burning pain, tight pain, friction pain, tear pain, insect biting, pain, foreign body sensation (Stone, branches, wire, water, etc.). Some patients can not touch the clothes, sleep dare not touch the quilt, touched the quilt on the itching or burning pain, and some patients with blind vision, and some pain can not walk, lost self-care ability to bring their own and family Great pain and trouble.
Postherpetic neuralgia in patients with age
Herpes zoster neuralgia group 99% of elderly patients, both men and women, very few 20-50 year old patients have posterior neuralgia. Herpes zoster from the teens to the age of 90 years of age, most of the 50-year-old patients will be left after-effects.
Can not be treated in the range
Our therapy is only suitable for long in vitro can be deposited dressing the site, not suitable for long in the eyes, mouth, brain, ear eyes, genital pain and other patients in the body.
Foreign patients to clear treatment

We do not provide hospital  wards, there are Anlan hotels next door, the patient to pay RMB 100 -150 Yuan per day, with a toilet, TV, air conditioning, wireless network and public kitchen to cook their own. Please make an appointment before treatment.

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