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Nine Ways to Keep Health in Autumn to Solve Autumn Lack

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Spring, autumn, summer, sleepless winter and March are the words people use to describe their fatigue. Summer to autumn
Spring, autumn, summer, sleepless winter and March are the words people use to describe their fatigue. Summer to autumn, the temperature will gradually reduce, sweating is also significantly reduced, the body into a periodic period of rest, people's body will have an unspeakable sense of fatigue. In fact, this is the natural physiological response of the human body in different seasons. After a period of time, the phenomenon of autumn fatigue will be eliminated naturally. Plus eat more mutton, beef and duck, paste autumn fat, you will soon return a healthy life. Tiandao Chinese medicine friendship tips, in response to the autumn shortage, we suggest that we can try nine methods:

1. Physical fatigue and proper aerobic exercise

Fall sleepiness, sleep is not the best way to eliminate fatigue, but should do some appropriate sports, such as playing ball, doing exercises and other low-intensity aerobic exercise, when the brain oxygen supply is sufficient, fatigue will disappear naturally.

2. Brain fatigue and proper exercise

Tiandao TCM experts said that if there is a slight phenomenon of brain fatigue, it is not necessary to be too nervous should relax the body and mind, so that the combination of work and leisure, some appropriate brain exercise can drive away fatigue.

Patting: Once brain fatigue occurs, you should immediately relax your body and mind, and gently pat your head with your hands and fingers.

Matters needing attention:

(1) The power of slapping must be small, and it's better to be silent.

(2) To tap the hair tip gently with the finger instead of the palm, and not touch the scalp, the effect is better.

Time is 3 minutes.

3. often drink tea.

Frequent drinking of tea is also an effective way to relieve fatigue, because tea can help people alleviate excessive nervous tension in the central hub.

4. More sunshine

More sunshine in autumn is also the latest and effective way to treat fatigue abroad. More sunshine can regulate the secretory function of the brain, thereby improving sleep and alleviating fatigue.

5. Rubbing the foot or foot therapy

Wash your feet every day and massage your feet with your hands. It can have new effects of contacting fatigue, praying and vomiting. Or pedicure.

6. Bite more teeth

Making teeth move more and click on each other can not only keep teeth healthy, but also effectively eliminate fatigue.

7. Take more baths and fumigate traditional Chinese medicine

In autumn, when it is dry, it should be washed and fumigated with traditional Chinese medicine and rubbed more, which can make people refreshed, prolong their life and relieve fatigue.

8. playing ears

In autumn, rubbing your ears with your hands or listening to music to activate your auditory nerves can help reduce fatigue.

9. regular hair comb

Frequent hair brushing can dilate subcutaneous capillaries, promote metabolism, keep a clear mind and help eliminate fatigue.